Core Faculty

Charmaine Royal

Michael Cary
School of Nursing

Cary's dissertation research project, “Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes among Medicare Hip Fracture Patients” lays the foundation for future work focusing on quality measures for rehabilitation, coordinated care and the comparative effectiveness of different post-acute care settings.

  Christopher Edwards

Christopher Edwards
Psychology and Neuroscience

Edwards is currently studying race/ ethnic influences on pain associated with osteoarthritis as well as psychosocial factors that influence pain associated with Sickle Cell Disease. He is also studying the impact of new drugs for pain and Alzheimer's Disease on racial/ ethnic populations and a new couples and telephone-based intervention for African American men with prostate cancer.

LaBarron Hill
Behavioral Medicine

Hill's dissertation, “The Influence of State and Trait Perseverative Cognition on Autonomic & Hemodynamic Regulation,” focused on the impact of psychological factors on cardiac functioning. His postdoctoral research will examine the independent and interactive influence of psychosocial factors and underlying hemodynamic mechanisms on cognitive health and aging in African Americans.

  Sherman James

Sherman James
Public Policy Studies

James' research focuses on the social determinants of racial and ethnic health inequalities and community-based and public policy interventions designed to minimize, and ultimately eliminate, these inequalities.



Brenda Jamerson

Brenda Jamerson
Translational Neuroscience


  Christopher Edwards

Adrienne Aiken Morgan
Center on Biobehavioral Health Disparities Research

The focus of Morgan's research during her fellowship was to understand the influence of health and sociocultural factors on cognitive aging among African Americans.



Charmaine Royal

Charmaine Royal
Institute for Genome
Sciences & Policy

Royal's research, scholarship, and teaching focus on ethical, psychosocial, and societal issues in genetics and genomics, primarily issues at the intersection of genetics/genomics and concepts of "race", ancestry, and ethnicity.

  Keith Whitfield

Keith Whitfield, DIrector
Psychology and Neuroscience

Whitfield is the founding director of the CBHDR. His research on individual differences in minority aging employs a two prong approach that includes studying individual people as well as members of twin pairs. He examines the individual variation in health and individual differences in cognition due to health conditions. Whitfield has worked with researchers from Sweden, Russia, and the United States to examine how social, psychological, and cultural factors of cognition and healthy aging. He has completed a study that involves examining health and psycho-social factors related to health among adult African American twins from North Carolina. His current research project is a longitudinal study of cognition and health among older African Americans.

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